An Integrated Network that Advances the Secure Exchange of Protected Health Information

hxe is dedicated to bridging the gap between record requesters and healthcare providers by simplifying, standardizing and streamlining the way healthcare providers and their ROI vendors receive requests and deliver records. Through API integrations with record requesters, healthcare providers and ROI vendors, our goal is to advance health information management into the 21st century by creating a clearing house that facilitates the secure and electronic exchange of PHI. The current means of exchange (fax, mail, email, vendor specific online portals) cause bottlenecks that hinder the reliability of submissions, increase labor costs and provide little to no transparency of the requesting process. Working together to standardize this process will decrease turnaround times, reduce labor costs, boost reliability and increase transparency for all parties involved.

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Compliance & Security

Compliance and security are a top priority at hxe and we provide several internal solutions to ensure that patient records are protected at all times. We take these matters seriously so as your business associate, you can be confident that we take the necessary precautions to insulate you and your clients’ sensitive information.
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