Advancing the Exchange of Protected Health Information

Release of Information (ROI) is a complex, costly and time-consuming process that has a lasting impact on your patient’s overall satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience, our focus is on delivering a reliable, patient-centric solution that is customized to your exact needs. Our goal is to improve your turnaround times, increase transparency, eliminate backlogs and requester complaints while maintaining the stringent levels of security, quality, and reliability that our industry requires.

We Provide

Our on-site Full Service ROI model caters to large health systems, hospitals, and medium to large-sized clinics across the nation. We provide compliance, reduced workloads, and the assurance record releases are accurate and delivered in a timely manner which allows your staff to focus on what’s most important – your patients.

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Our Full Service ROI Process

Our Full Service ROI offering allows your HIM department to outsource all ROI functions including assisting patient walk-ins and taking status request phone calls. On site representatives are responsible for receiving requests, validating the authorization, and retrieving the records. Each and every request is indexed, QA’d, and invoiced before being delivered to the requester. Any misfiled records are located and are promptly returned so the integrity of the chart is restored.

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