Important Coronavirus Update
In light of recent events, hXe will be waiving its fees for usage during the COVID-19 epidemic.
Please read our letter here.

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Creating a Future for Healthcare without Fax or Mail

The hXe Future for Requesting and Fulfilling Medical Records

hXe simplifies the medical records requesting and releasing process. It replaces fax and mail using a single, easy to use platform for all types of requesters and healthcare providers alike. hXe is vendor neutral and a non-proprietary solution helping everyone to advance patient health information into a seamless and electronic future.

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hXe for Providers

Reduce phone calls, fulfill records with less effort and generate profit.

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Receive requests electronically


Output records from EHR to PDF


Drag and Drop PDFs to hXe. Done!

hXe for Third Party Requesters

Request records and manage online.

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Submit requests online, electronically


Get notified by email when ready


Pay by credit card, if applicable


Download records electronically

Built from the Ground up to Be a HIPAA-Centric Platform



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