Medical Forms Completion

Productivity, staffing and patient satisfaction are primary focus areas when measuring the performance of a physician office or group practice. Processing paperwork related to disability, FMLA, Worker’s Compensation and other medical forms is a tedious and time-consuming task that many organizations struggle to manage when balancing day-to-day administrative and clinical responsibilities. Our team of trained specialists streamline and standardize the process by completing all forms within three business days while managing all aspects of communication with the patient, 3rd party requester, and the insurance carriers.

Common Issues & Risks

Accuracy and timeliness in completing these forms is of the utmost importance for maintaining legal and patient satisfaction. Processing these forms requires professional skills such as sound judgement, legal and liability knowledge, an understanding of the medical record, investigative skills and resourcefulness. The following are the three most common issues and risk facilities face when handling forms completion.

Professional Medical Forms Completion

Our forms completion service, which is tailored to the specific needs of your practice, eliminates your labor costs, reduces turnaround times, and increases transparency for patients, 3rd party requesters, and insurance companies. Our focus is to alleviate the administrative burden and risk associated with processing medical forms. The following process outlines the steps for managing the completion of a disability form. Completion of other medical forms follow a similar process and also ensures a quick turnaround time.
Depending on the amount of dictation involved, we can process this task and have it ready for your physician’s signature in 30-40 minutes/form.

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