A Modern Release of Information Solution

Our Virtual REP service model caters to clinics of all sizes whose goal is to outsource the ROI process to improve turnaround times, eliminate backlogs, increase transparency and reliability while improving security, quality assurance and patient satisfaction. Utilizing our Virtual REP offering in combination with our cutting-edge technology and streamlined workflows, our ROI specialists work efficiently without disruptions to your organization.

We Provide

Our representatives are HIPAA-trained and qualified to securely and efficiently process record requests without delay. We handle the ROI function so you can focus on patient care.

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Our Remote ROI Process

Record requests are forwarded to hxe’s corporate headquarters where our staff members will validate the authorization, retrieve and deliver the requested records. After retrieving the requested records, each and every request is then sent to our corporate office where it is indexed, 100% QA’d, and invoiced before being delivered to the requester. Any misfiled records are returned so the integrity of the chart is restored.

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