Advancing Health Information Management Through Enhanced Technology & Workflows

For over 30 years, hxe has provided healthcare providers across the nation with secure, customizable, and patient-centric HIM solutions that are designed to strengthen compliance, boost efficiency, maximize financial performance, and increase patient satisfaction. We offer several Release of Information (ROI) service models, review/audit fulfillment, forms completion, mass chart extractions and more.

Our Services

Compliance & Security

Compliance and security are a top priority at hxe and we provide several internal solutions to ensure that patient records are protected at all times. We take these matters seriously so as your business associate, you can be confident that we take the necessary precautions to insulate you against breaches.
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The hxe Difference

At hxe, we believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently about HIM solutions. Our number one priority is to provide your patients and requesters with a flawless, exceptional experience when interacting with your HIM department. We accomplish this by hiring excellent staff, training them properly, while teaching them a full suite of customer service skills. This process eliminates backlogs, employee turnover, requester complaints and most importantly, an inconsistent service. Our goal is to be an asset to you and your department.