A Smarter Way to Send and Manage Record Requests for Your Entire Organization

Over the last several years, hxe has been assisting government entities nationwide by simplifying the record retrieval process. We offer our clients a centralized record management system that allows them to submit record requests directly to any healthcare provider in the United States. After submitting a request, our system will automatically log, track and send weekly follow-up reminders directly to the provider so your team can spend less time and resources on obtaining records. Our goal is to advance health information management into the 21st century by simplifying, standardizing and streamlining the way healthcare providers receive requests and deliver records. Record Retrieval

Compliance & Security

Compliance and security are a top priority at hxe and we provide several internal solutions to ensure that patient records are protected at all times. We take these matters seriously so as your business associate, you can be confident that we take the necessary precautions to insulate you and your clients’ sensitive information.
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