The Fastest, Easiest Way to Send & Manage Medical Record Requests Electronically

Requesting medical records can consist of 10-12 steps, consuming 40-60 minutes of your time per request. Schedule a demo to see how hxe can streamline your medical records requesting process

We do not charge a monthly fee or any fee to send and manage requests or receive records. There are no contracts, subscription fees, per-user fees, implementation fees or hidden costs. The implementation process is usually completed within an hour.

An Effective & Reliable Solution that Streamlines Your Team’s Record Retrieval Process

hxe’s record management system helps organize and manage the often challenging process of obtaining records from healthcare providers. Through the hxe platform, your firm can manage your entire record request process and submit through our cloud based platform a request to any healthcare provider in the United States. Not only is every request logged and tracked, but it provides automation tools to automatically follow up on outstanding requests, cutting down on time consuming calls to healthcare providers, ultimately cutting down on labor involved of up to 50% while obtaining records on average under 7 days. Further, hxe provides a secure, electronic way for providers to upload records back to you.