Request Records from the Comfort of Your Home

Introducing a Simpler Way to Obtain Medical Records

hXe enables you to obtain your records from any healthcare provider in the country. All you need is their fax or email address and you will be able to complete the entire form online, and get your records back electronically. hXe is free to use for patients obtaining a copy of their records for personal use.

Get Records the Easy Way

The easiest way to obtain your records through hXe is through our Patient URL which simplifies the steps below. Healthcare providers that register with hXe are given a link they can put on their website, allowing you to click on it and complete your information. Ask your provider if they are on hXe or if they can signup.

Steps to Get Your Medical Records through hXe

1.) Create an Account

Register for an Individual Account

2.) Create a New Request

On the left navigation pane, click on Create Request->New Request

3.) Search for Your Provider

If your provider is registered with hXe, they'll show up in the drop down. If they do not show up, simply click "Add New" and populate their info. hXe will deliver the request for you.

4.) Download Records

Once your request is submitted and fulfilled by the provider, you'll receive a download notification once it is uploaded and ready to download.

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