The New Way to Send and Receive Medical Records

Learn How to Simplify the Process

hXe streamlines your medical record release process by eliminating many time consuming steps. Its features allow your staff to work smarter with automatic logging on all requests, reducing phone calls with real time status tracking for record requesters and simplifying the record release process to a 3 step process: review, export to PDF and upload.

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The Entire Record Release Process at your Fingertips

Eliminate faxing and mailing

hXe allows you to receive and send all medical records electronically. No more printing, faxing and mailing.

Real time status

hXe updates the status of each request as it’s worked on. Requesters can see this on their end so they no longer have to call to check status.

Works with all EHR's

Review the request, output the records to PDF from your EHR and then drag and drop into the request screen. Eliminates printing, sorting, packaging and addressing which can save up to 50% of your staffs’ time.

Generate Revenue

Implement a sophisticated yet clerical staff friendly billing system in minutes. Turn medical records into a profit center with online invoicing, collections and credit card payments, all of which is built into the record fulfillment process.

Why hXe?

hXe is a solution for all requester types with the aim of creating a standard, single platform to exchange records.

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

Patient Portals

EHR Links

ROI Vendors

Electronic Media

The Challenge with HIEs

HIEs for the most part have struggled and are geared towards healthcare providers, yet most healthcare providers continue to request records via fax.

How hXe Solves the HIE Challenge

hXe enables providers to request records for continuing care entirely online while providing identity verification.

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