To our hXe community,

In the increasingly difficult times ahead of us, we believe it is hXe’s responsibility to step up and help where we can. We will waive our fees during the epidemic as we believe our platform is a necessary tool to ensure you are able to continue procuring records remotely, and medical facilities have options to handle remote release of information.

hXe is a very special project of mine to provide a better way for medical records to flow between providers, patients and medical record requesters. Over the next week you will receive communication from our sister company, Diversified Medical Records Services, on how Diversified plans to utilize hXe to continue fulfilling medical record requests in the expectation that many hospitals and clinics will begin moving staff to remote, or worse, unexpectedly close one of its departments.

One last item I’d like to share with you is the importance of planning ahead for the many risks posed to your organizations. “Flattening the curve” (slowing the exponential growth rate) is imperative to prevent overwhelming our healthcare system but that implies restrictions on how we handle day to day life for the coming months. Key things to consider and plan for include:

  • How can you service and intake new clients remotely? What does this digital workflow look like? Are there apps to support the intake of clients remotely using mobile devices?
  • Are you going to keep staff in the office or move them remote? What happens if one person tests positive for COVID-19 and what impact will that have on your office?
  • Have a plan for mass school closures, staff calling out unexpectedly and/or becoming sick.
  • Who cannot work remotely and need to stay in the office to support the remote staff?
  • Are you struggling with identifying how to support your staff remote? There are a lot of technology options out there to help address the challenges: VirtualPBX services like 8x8 for telephony needs (8x8 has a phone app to utilize smartphones many of your staff already have), electronic fax services, cloud based storage solutions and Amazon Workspaces for managed, secured Windows desktops for staff to connect to with personal computers.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that is impacted by this epidemic.

Thank you,

Ryan Hallman, Founder of hXe

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